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It's amazing how so many people got rich off the stock market. What a rush and a risk to bet your financial future on the successes and failures of other people's decisions on running companies... and the decisions of their competitors and customers.

Remember that movie?

You may not be a big fan of Brendan Fraser, but in the 90's he starred in a movie called 'A Blast from the Past'. Alicia Silverstone (yeah, you like her) helps Adam (Fraser) acclimate to the American life after living in a fallout bunker, built by his dad, Calvin (Christopher Walken). Adam was born in the shelter and on his 35th birthday, goes topside to try to find supplies, only to find out there was actually no fallout. Everyone is normal.

So, Calvin buys a bunch of IBM, AT&T and Poloroid stocks in the 60's before going into the bunker. Later in the movie, Adam opens a box and discovers he's a multi-millionaire from the stocks going up for 35 years. What luck!

Remember that guy from Apple?

In 1976, Ron Wayne, a founding member of Apple Computers SOLD his shares of APPL stock for $800. Had he held on to it, in 2013, it would have been worth $35 BILLION! Ouch.

This Sucks!

Well, I've tried to make money with the stock market. I suck at it. Other people suck at it. There's facebook groups full of people who suck at it.

I thought it'd be interesting to learn how to trade cryptocurrency like the stock market. Maybe even become one of the 'experts'.

"If the price of electricity goes down $0.05 per kw/h and the I buy a GTX 1080 TI video card, I can make $32/month mining bitcoin."

Ha, no. There's an easier way. (I mean, I actually found a way to get cheaper electricity. Ask me how.)

UPDATE July 2019: The information below was based on a company that went out of business. Read about another company I found here...

I've been following a Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Trading company for over a month, watching webinars, engaging in conversation, and finally decided to commit to their platform for a month to see if it could actually be as easy as they were saying.

Did I JUST miss a good investment opportunity?

Especially, since Bitcoin just jumped and Ethereum maintenance just dropped, it seems like I might be a week late on this platform, but I definitely don't want to miss the next wave.

Take a look at this.

This platform sends buy signals throughout the day and if you see one you like, you can take the trade with a single click.

With a single click, it will set a market order, a stop-loss order and a sell limit order.

The best part about it, is you are in control of your money. You're not sending your money to a company to have them manage the trades. You set up your wallets, exchanges, and decide how much you want to add and trade with.

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