Free BitCoin Cash (BCH)

I was watching a video interview between Abdo Riani (Entrepreneur) and Roger Ver (Bitcoin Early Adopter) and about half way through, Roger said that if you go to the url:, you can get FREE Bitcoin Cash.

Free Bitcoin Cash I received

I did & I did

In the video, Ver also said it wouldn't be a lot, maybe $0.10 worth of Bitcoin Cash, but if it goes up, that's free money I just made by doing nothing more than entering my email and downloading an app from a trusted source. You should do the same.

After it was on my computer wallet, I transferred it to my coinbase wallet. I just like seeing everything in one place.

Get Your Free Bitcoin Cash:

You can get $10 worth for Free Bitcoin if you buy/sell $100 worth of digital currency. Coinbase holds Bticoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin.

What's been your experience with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash? Leave a comment below.

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