WOW... So, this CBD Stuff!

I never really smoked the weed, doobies, blunts or joints. My eyes roll when I hear someone talking about getting high, blazed or stoned. But this CBD stuff is amazing.

In the last few weeks, my mom and my father-in-law has taken it and both have said it eliminated pain they had been having.

In addition, my friend's dog was having seizures, but after giving it 1200mg CBD oil, it stopped.

I've 'heard/read' many other miraculous things CBD does as well

I don't buy snake oil, but damn, I recently had some CBD Gummies, and it nulled some muscle and joint pain I had, at least for a few hours.

Please Let me know in the comments if you've had any experience with CBD Oil, CBD Gummies or CBD Capsules. (There's soaps, rubs and many other otpions too.

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